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Beaumont Rev City Electric Bike Step Over Color Tungsten New eBike

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Beaumont Rev City Electric Bike Step Over Color Tungsten New

Timeless, vintage style and modern-day innovation come together in Beaumont Rev. Taking inspiration from the classic European city bike, we wanted to design an e-bike that was both beautiful to look at and effortless to ride. From the swept-back handlebars that promote an upright riding position, to the integrated battery that adds power to your pedals – every last detail comes together to help you go farther and with more ease.


Top speed

Up to 37 Miles of Range

350W-28 miles & 500W-37 miles

6 Pedal Assist Levels

Propel while pedaling

350 or 500W

Brushless rear hub motor

36 or 48V

Li-ion battery

Quick Access to Controls
Handlebar-mounted LED control panel lets you select pedal assist level, monitor charge, and activate Start Aid for a 4mph boost at takeoff – no wobbly first pedal strokes.

Press to Go
Convenient thumb throttle puts 350/500W worth of power at your fingertips.

Durable, Long-Lasting, High Range
Li-ion battery offers a range of up to 37 miles. Charges within 5-6 hours.

Haul it all with a handy rear rack.

Stay Visible and Safe
With front and rear safety lights.

Ride Rain or Shine
Protective fenders keep you from getting splashed.

Tackle Inclines or Cruise Flats
With a versatile Shimano 7-speed drivetrain.

Best for pavement