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Hoffman BMX Bikes 18in Tire Green Used HB Mojo Rhythm

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Hoffman BMX Bikes 18in Tire Green Used HB Mojo Rhythm

Bikes Intake Report

Observations First Five minutes with bike

Condition Used

Gears:  1

Rim Size:  18 In

Noted defects:  Torn, stored outside recently, signs of rust.  Good quality bike in its day.

Tire Rim True:  Good for age and condition

Gears Operate Fluidly:  Good for age and condition

Tire/Tube Hold Air:  Yes

Cleaned:  No , but Cleaning will be scheduled if not sold first

Chain clean:  No

Fluid cable operation: Good for age and condition

Brake Type:  Caliper

Brakes Functional: Good for age and condition

Tire Tread Front:  Fair

Tire Tread Rear:  Fair

Tires Rotate Freely:  Yes

Stored Outside and Inside

Rust Bolts Yes

Saddle Torn Yes

Ringing Bell No

Shocks Front:  No

Lights:  No

Age:  Kid  Youth Teen

Weight: LB w/o box

Rideable in current condition: Yes

Shipping via Bike Flights or best available and reasonable:

Small bikes ( rim size 20 “ or less ) may qualify for lower shipping rates.  Refunds will be issued upon request for discounts when they are available.

Although we ship bikes, we do not ship often.  We will not make any special precautions for the forks and some of the components unless the value is over $1000.    Most bikes will have wheels assembled and some other components possibly removed or adjusted.  We will try and reduce contact damage and wrap areas that may be prone to contact.  Any mistakes in quotes on shipping will be corrected.  Minimum costs and handling will be charged at a minimum.  Some of the bikes we shipped in 2021 averaged 200-300 for adult bikes.