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Rossignol Downhill Skis With Marker Bindings Size 204 cm

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Rossignol Downhill Skis With Marker Bindings Size 204 cm. Condition is "Used". 


Many used skis are sold each year.  Many people own older skis and are very happy with them.  When purchasing skis with existing bindings there are some considerations.  

One consideration is will the ski binding fit your boot.  Boots usually have a size written on the exterior of the boot.  It is typically along the bottom edge of the boot on the inner heel.  The current size setting of the binding is typically shown in the pictures.  Most bindings do have some adjustment available.

A second consideration is that as skis age, the bindings operation in particular will be compromised.  All mechanical parts degrade with age.  An association of manufacturers has a list which clarifies which bindings are indemnified.  The indemnified ski bindings list is available on the internet.  Not being on the indemnified list may mean many things, but there are two specific things one should be aware of.  If the binding is not on the indemnified list, ski techs may not work on the bindings.  Not being on the list means that the manufacturer cannot guarantee the safe operation of the binding.  If you have a ski tech you use, it is always good to get their expert opinion on the ski prior to purchase.    We can also assist with local recommendations.  Most ski bindings sold on the used market are not on the indemnified list and we assume the binding on these skis are also not indemnified.

Be sure to research the length, shape, radius and width to accommodate your skiing.  Good luck finding a great pair of skis!