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Trek 3 Series 3700 Disc Brakes Bike 26 In Rim Blue Used

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Trek 3 Series 3700 Disc Brakes Bike 26"" Blue Used

Replays Bike Inspection Report

Bike Inspection:

Brakes Rub:  Rear disk rubs some

Gears Operate Fluidly: Yes

All Gears Activate: Yes

Tire/Tube Hold Air:  Yes

Frame: 33 c, 13 In

Rim:  26 in

Weight:  32 LB

Clean of dust, dirt:  Yes

Shipping: Bike Flights or best available and reasonable:

Chain clean:  Yes

Fluid cable operation:  Yes

Disc Brake True:  Yes

Tire Tread:  Good

Tires Rotate Freely:  Back Rubs on disc brake, needs tuning